Facial Exercising

Facial Exercising

At age 65 and after 35 years of teaching facial exercise in the Minneapolis/St.Paul and Houston, Texas areas, Tessa has established a nationwide reputation for facial exercises that you can easily fit into your life in just 4 minutes a day. Most importantly – they work! Learn more about Tessa Hill and why exercising your facial muscles is the natural, safe face lift for maintaining a youthful appearance.


Facial Exercising Kit

Facial Exercising Kit - $22.00 & Free shipping!

What's included: CD with photos and instruction booklet plus laminated “Shower Sheet” to use while doing facial exercises in the shower.

The CD: This easy to follow CD provides three versions of Tessa’s facial exercise routine.
The first is 20 minutes long and includes photos that you can see on your computer screen with the step by step instructions. It is meant to help you through the learning process.

A faster version--about 7  minutes will make it faster to do you daily facial workout. It's good to do in front of your make-up mirror or in the shower. As you get better at the exercises and fully understand the routine, you should easily complete the workout in 4 minutes. You may want to split them up and do some in front of the mirror and some in the car. 

A 10 minute car version will help you work facial muscles while riding in a car. This CD can be used in any CD player or in your computer.

Laminated “Shower Sheet”: Tessa suggests that one of the best places to fit facial exercise into your schedule is during your daily shower or bath. For that reason, included in the kit is a laminated facial exercise instruction sheet to hang in your shower.

Facial Exercising Kit

1 Hour Phone Class With Tessa - $75.00

You can schedule a phone seminar with Tessa Hill. Tessa will provide you with a conference call number if you would like to have a group of you (no more than 5) join the call. The phone seminar will last approximately 1 hour depending on the number of questions, etc. First you must order the Kit and have the CD ROM on your computer as you are on the call. The cost of this call is $75. You must schedule the call at least 2 weeks in advance via email and list all participants.

Step 1: Order the Kit

Step 2: Order the conference call. A Saving Face representative will email you to schedule the conference call and provide you with the phone number.

Step 3: Place CD ROM in computer and call the conference call number on the chosen date. Tessa will be waiting.

Facial Exercising Kit

Private classes in Minneapolis Metro - $125.00

Private classes in Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro.

You can schedule either a private lesson or a lesson with a group of your friends up to 5 people.

The cost is $125 per group of 5 and will be held in Tessa’s Saving Face location either in Plymouth, MN or North Branch, MN. You choose your location. If you would like more details about the classes, you can call Tessa at 651-674-8561 or Click here to email Tessa to set up a time.



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